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#004: SYMNET — Static Network Verification

This meetup took place at the Eloquentix office, Wednesday, 24 September 2014 at 19:00. Find out when our next meetup is.

SYMNET — A Tool for Static Network Verification

Matei Popovici


Matei Popovici is currently a Lecturer within the Computer Science Department of POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest, where he teaches the Algorithms and Complexity Theory, and Programming Paradigms courses.

He received his PhD in 2012 with a thesis on Temporal Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, supervised by prof. Cristian Giumale. He also worked on developing verification techniques for network topologies, as a research fellow in the EU FP7 project CHANGE.

Subsequently, he pursued a postdoc research position at Clausthal Technical University from Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany, where he worked on logics for the verification of Multiagent Systems.

He is particularly interested in logics, verification, game theory, and their deployment for solving real-life challenging problems.


Network function virtualization is a new trend which advertises the replacement of traditional, custom-designed, hardware network appliances, with software running on virtual infrastructures (e.g. the cloud). In doing so, the newly-gained flexibility of specifying network operations must be tamed with appropriate verification tools.

SYMNET, the focus of this talk, is such a tool. We shall discuss the overall context as well as some key design features of SYMNET (e.g. its development in Haskell).

Finally, we shall comment on the exploration problem of graph-like structures, how it can be solved in imperative- and functional-style, and why we chose the latter, for SYMNET.