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#007: Category Theory, part 2

This meetup took place at the Eloquentix office, Wednesday, 28 Juanuary 2015 at 19:00. Find out when our next meetup is.

An Introduction to Category Theory, part 2

Adriana Bălan


Adriana Bălan is a lecturer at the Department of Mathematical Methods and Models, University Politehnica of Bucharest, where she works since 1997. She has obtained her PhD in Mathematics in 2008 at the University of Bucharest, with a thesis on Quantum Groups Theory.

Currently, her main research interests focus on Category Theory and its applications in Logic and Computer Science, particularly on coalgebraic logic.


Category Theory, albeit has origins in algebra and topology, has found use in recent decades for Computer Science and Logic applications. For example, Category Theory is an increasingly popular setting for describing the semantics of functional programming languages. Also, the categorical paradigm has influenced the language design, and given rise to several of the language elements, like functors, monads and arrows.

This talk will introduce the language of category theory, limited to the most elementary and important notions and results, with an eye towards its applications to and correspondences with Haskell.