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#015: Erlang — an Engineering Perspective

This meetup took place at the Eloquentix office, Wednesday, 30 September 2015 at 19:00. Find out when our next meetup is.

Erlang — an Engineering Perspective

Lucian Pârvu


Lucian is a software Engineer at Luxoft. He has 15 years of experience in developing networking software covering areas like network management, security, VPN and lately SDN (Software Defined Networking) and NFV (Network Function Virtualization).

He's also a co-organizer of the Bucharest Erlang User Group and Bucharest Network Virtualization meetups.

You can find him on Twitter at @lucianparvu.


Software lifetime can be measured in years, in same cases in tens of years. The effort starts with the development of the first version, but later, most of the time is spent on maintenance, debugging, enhancements, refactoring, testing and reading code.

Engineers are always looking for the best tools for the job. Choosing the right stack of languages and tools has a big impact on the architecture, usability, performance, operations, quality and costs of the software you develop and also affects your joy of programming.

Following this engineering perspective, in this presentation we'll explore Erlang and OTP as a tool that can help you build better software. Things like "concurrent programming", "message passing", "fault tolerance", "distributed systems", "hot code swapping", "high availability", "scalability", "pattern matching", and of course "functional programming" are going to introduce you in the Erlang world and hopefully will convince you to use Erlang in your projects.