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#028: PureScript & Halogen

This meetup took place at Bucharest TechHub, Tuesday, 08 May 2018 at 19:00. Find out when our next meetup is.

PureScript & Halogen

Vladimir Ciobanu

Vladimir Ciobanu is the development lead at Mood Media Romania. Recently, his main areas of interest are pure functional languages, type theory, and category theory. You can find him on Twitter or GitHub.


PureScript is a strongly-typed functional programming language that compiles to JavaScript. This talk will give a brief overview of the PureScript syntax and a few key features, demo the language tooling and showcase Halogen, one of its numerous UI libraries.

The talk assumes no prior knowledge of PureScript, although some familiarity with basic FP concepts (sum and product types, very basic Haskell syntax) is assumed.