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We gather monthly, watch someone talk about something they're passionate about and then continue the discussion in a pub

#036: Fable

This meetup took place at Bucharest TechHub, Monday, 07 November 2018 at 19:00. Find out when our next meetup is.


Mecu Mihai-Sorin

Sorin is a passionate developer with over 17 years of experience: logistics, Stock Exchange, administration, fleet management and many others.


Fable is an F# to JavaScript compiler powered by Babel, designed to produce readable and standard code compatible with ES2015 standards, like modules, classes or iterables. Streamlines the development with advanced language features like static typing with type inference, exhaustive pattern matching, immutability by default, structural equality, units of measure, tree shaking and more.

This talk will give a brief overview of F# syntax, some glimpse of interaction with JavaScript libraries and will end with a demo of Elmish in action.

We assume no prior knowledge of F#, although some familiarity with basic FP concepts is desired.